Interested in joining the MTAPA Board of Directors?
Call for nominations open April 1-22, 2019. 
Elections will be held May 1-29, 2019. 

MTAPA is currently seeking nominations for the following Board of Directors Positions

  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director at Large (2)
  • House of Delegates Representative
  • BOME (board of medical examiners) Liaison


Board Member Requirements
PAs eligible to join the MTAPA BOD must be licensed PAs practicing in the state of Montana and maintain a current MTAPA membership. Board members will be required to attend four quarterly meetings per year, via phone or video conference. Participation in additional meetings, committees, and events is encouraged. No specific years of experience requirements. 

Officer Term (years) Description
President 1  Preside at all business meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors. He or she shall make a full report of the year's activities at the annual meeting of the organization. He or she shall coordinate agendas for future meetings, preside at meetings and maintain order, and set up forums for discussion. He or she shall appoint all standing committees and designate the chairperson, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.
President Elect 1  In the absence of the President, he or she shall assumes the duties of the President. The President- Elect will organize and conduct all annual elections and is the chairperson of the Elections Committee. 
Past President 1  Attend Board meetings and shall perform such duties as may be delegated by the President. 
Secretary 2  Keep minutes of all meetings of the organization, be responsible for all organization communications, and notify all members of all meetings. 
Treasurer 2  Maintain accurate records of the financial status of the organization, collect yearly dues from all members, deposit into the organization's account all money received by the organization, and with the President's approval pay all bills approved by the organization and record all receipts of those payments. The Treasurer's records shall be audited every year and up on leaving the office. The method of the audit will be determined by the Board of Directors. 
Director at Large 2 4 positions available. Execute duties and functions assigned by the President with the consent of the Board of Directors. 
House of Delegates 3 Montana Representation to the AAPA House of Delegates. Serve a consecutive 3 year term as Junior then Senior delegate. The delegates shall represent Montana at the AAPA House of Delegates meeting annually. 
Student Rep. 1 Rocky Mountain PA Program student representative shall act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and all student members of the organization. The student representative shall assist in conduction the affairs of the organization as designated by the President including encouraging fellow student membership. 
BOME Liaison 1 PA liaison to the Board of Medical Examiners. Position can be re-appointed for multiple years. Liaison shall serve alternately or jointly as appointed liaison to the Montana state board of medical examiners as mandated by law. The primary and/or alternate liaisons to the board of medical examiners, shall attend all board of medical examiners meetings for which there are scheduled issues involving physician assistants, to provide continuity in the representation of MTAPA and all PAs in the state.