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2019 Nominations open April 1st-22nd 
2019 Elections open May 1st-22nd 
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e-mail Nominations to: [email protected] 

*Please include PA's name, phone number, and e-mail address. Nominations will be contacted for acceptance of nomination prior to inclusion on ballot. 

Board of Directors

President: Larry Walker, PA-C
President Elect: Mikal Bailey, PA-C
Past President: Heather Hart, PA-C
Secretary: Wendy Ruggles, PA-C
Treasurer: Laurie McNew, PA-C
Directors-At-Large: Leanne Breihahn, PA-C
                                  Alicia Hamilton, PA-C
                                  Diana Podlecki, PA-C
                                  Meagan Zawacki, PA-C
Senior House of Delegates: Dewey Hahlbohm, PA-C
Junior House of Delegates: Matt Zemacke, PA-C
                                                  Jenny Heglund, PA-C
Student Representative: Alexander Garnder PA-S
BOME Liaison: Kathryn Tetrault, PA-C