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cost-effectiveness in patient-centered healthcare. Our advocacy engagement includes initiatives related to the federal and state levels.


Our advocacy efforts rely on a robust network of PAs, physicians, and other healthcare entities. If you know of a person, group, or practice which could assist MTAPA with our advocacy outreach please e-mail us at [email protected].

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Montanans for Access to Sustainable Healthcare (M.A.S.H.)Act

This is our latest bill draft which seeks to modernize PA laws to fit the demands of the evolving healthcare landscape. PAs are entrenched in the healthcare foxhole and serve on the front-lines of healthcare delivery, especially in rural areas. The M.A.S.H. Act reaffirms the profession’s commitment to team-based care, supports the elimination of provisions that require a PA to have or report to a supervisory physician in order to practice, and authorizes PAs to be paid directly by private and public insurers, just as physicians and nurse practitioners can be now.

We are looking to do what is right for Montana's healthcare needs by proposing common sense solutions to struggles that administrators, PAs, and our physician partners face daily due to outdated practice laws that don't match today's clinical reality. We want to see decisions about how healthcare is provided made at the practice level so PA and physician teams can be flexible enough to respond to local health care needs.

What is not included in the MASH Act?

PAs practice on a healthcare team and value team practice with physicians. Montana PAs are not seeking independent practice.

Montana PAs are not pursuing mandates on providers, plans or healthcare organizations (like hospitals).   In fact, PAs believe that decision-making should be made at the practice setting.

Enacting best practices and updating Montana law has the potential to:
•Expand access to care;
•Strengthen healthcare teams; and
•Reduce healthcare spending.



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