The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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BOD Meeting Minutes - Feb 2013
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MTAPA Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Type: Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Monday February 11, 2013

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Online and Conference Call



BOD Present: Will Hunt, Brenda Anderson, Kally Wilson, Dewey Hahlbohm, Tyler Seick, Matt Zemacke, John Breneman, Megan Zawacki and Tonya McCormick


BOD not Present: Don Sullivan, , Dirk Gillette


Committee Members Present: Aaron Deery, Tammy Scott


Committee Members not Present: Ben Hoffman


MTAPA Student Member Present: Laura Roemmick


Welcome/Call to order

  • MTAPA President Will Hunt called the meeting to order


Secretary's Report - Brenda Anderson

  • Minutes from previous meeting were e-mailed to BOD to review prior to the meeting. A brief summary was presented to the BOD.
  • Will moved to approve the minutes.
  • Dewey seconded the motion, motion approved. 


Treasurer's Report - Tyler Seick

  • 2012 Profit and Loss net income was $4.720.98.
  • As of this time we have $32,000.00 in our Wells Fargo accounts and $61,500.00 total in all accounts.
  • Tyler is planning to draft the 2013-2014 budget and present it at our next BOD meeting in April.



2013 legislative session - please see committee reports


Website changes - Affiniscape buyout by

MTAPA Options:

  • Move over with
  • Join another small webhost vendor (memberclicks or wild apricot)
  • Independent website development company
  • What are other states doing?

MTAPA has a spring time renewal. Affiniscape, Affinipay (credit card processing) currently cost us $3,000.00-3,500.00 per year.


Will met with representatives from memberclicks. The cost is $3,000.00 the first year and $1,800.00 thereafter. They are offering groups currently with Affiniscape deals to move to memberclicks.


Kally offered to contact Affiniscape. Dirk made a list of questions to ask each company.  Tonya will contact the person who manages Wild Apricot at Asthma and Allergy Specialty Chapter to get more information .


Once more information is gathered, a sub committee will bring this information to the board via internet, or may even a call a quick meeting.


Peter Bully has offered to work on the website this year.


Committee Reports:

CME - Ben Hoffman

  • The CME schedule has slots for 22 speakers this year, and 16-17 of the 22 have confirmed. Ben has list of people, some just haven't committed yet. Will will forward the list to all BOD.
  • MTAPA has applied to have the AAPA president elect speak at our  conference this summer.
  • Will informed us the Billings Airport runways will be closed for 8 consecutive weekends.
  • We are planning to have break out sessions this year on preceptor training and advanced EKGs.
  • Kally is working with Greg Wasell again this year to send out "save the date" postcards.
  • Discussion on the timing of the General Membership Meeting. Question was raised as to whether we should hold the meeting the evening prior to the conference, the first evening of the conference and combine with the welcome reception, or on Saturday morning after the conference. Several board members suggested having the meeting during the conference vs. before or after the conference.
  • Having a BBQ one evening during the conference was also suggested.


Membership - Kally Wilson

  • Membership brochure was sent out on February 8, 2013.
  • We have 117 members including students, honorary and retired PA's.
  • Trouble with renewing MTAPA membership. Tonya has received sporadic calls with people having problems renewing their membership online. Dirk has submitted a ticket to Affiniscape to look at this issue.


Legislative Aaron Deery

  • Legislative session started in January
  • HB 16 Mental Health Professionals does not include PAs. Aaron wrote a letter to the author of the bill. Apparently, it is unconventional to change the name of "mental health professionals."
  • HB 28 Reviewing pediatric deaths, PAs will be added to the list of medical  professionals.
  • HB 281 Seeking to change the statue of limitations for PAs to be included in the list of medical professionals.
  • SB 218 An effort to decrease the liability of practitioners. If medical providers are practicing in what is thought to be standard of care they should not be sued. Kally moved to put in writing something that supports the Bill. Will seconded the motion,  motion passed. Aaron will compose a letter and  will forward it to Will, Jean, and Dewey.
  • HB 416 Workforce Data Collection will be presented this week. Goal is to have the BOME begin collecting a more complete set of data at the time of licensure renewal from Physicians and Physician Assistants.  The FSMB's recommends the collection of a "minimal data set."
  • It is listed in the Policies and Procedures that MTAPA will provide funding (travel reimbursement, etc.) to those who represent MTAPA.


Elections - Kally/Will

  • Positions opening up this summer include: HOD (Matt is interested in running for the position again), Secretary (Brenda is interested in running for the position again), Treasurer, President elect, and Director At Large.


Other Reports:

Board Of Medical Examiners                       Don Sullivan - BOME Representative

  • Nothing to report


Student                                                          John Breneman - Student Representative

  • Rocky Mountain College PA students just finished their psych module and started their pediatric module
  • They are in the process of signing up for clinical rotations.


Scholarship                                                    Tammy Scott - Scholarship Committee

  • Tammy is working with Dirk to update the scholarship packet on the  website. She recommended each page in the packet include the MTAPA logo to make it look more professional.
  • Kally is going to check with Greg Wasill to see if he can update a PDF file. Tonya will also check to see if this is something she can do. Once the file is updated it can be put on the website.


STAR Representative                                    Tammy Scott - Star Representative

  • Tammy was not able to participate in the last conference call. There will be a lot of discussion on MCD and MCR reimbursement at the national conference.


House of Delegates                                       Dewey and Matt - HOD

  • Resolutions related to changes in the Bylaws need to be submitted 90 days in advance (deadline February 26, 2013), and resolutions not related to changes in the Bylaws need to be submitted 60 days in advance (deadline March 26, 2013).
  • Early registration for AAPA Annual Conference (Impact 2013) ends February 22, 2013.


Administration                                              Tonya McCormack Administration

  • MMA PA profile, good return. The directory will come out in March. Cost to MTAPA members is $40.00.


Newsletter                                                     Kally Wilson

  • Timeline for the next newsletter will be sometime late spring, early summer.


Next BOD meeting - Will proposed the next meeting to be held the middle of April. Brenda will send out Doodle Poll several weeks in advance.


Meeting Adjourned


Brenda - for clarity sake, in the notes could you reflect that I agree that board members should be reimbursed, but think we should have further clarified the policy to state reimbursement will be provided unless MTAPA is not operating in the black.




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