The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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BOD Meeting Minutes - Oct 2013
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MTAPA Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Type: Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time: 12:00 Noon

Location: MTAPA Administrative Office, Helena, Montana


BOD Present - Will Hunt, Tammy Scott,  Brenda Anderson, Dewey H, Ben L, Kally Wilson, Luke Altenhofen, Megan Zewacke


BOD not present - Christene McDonnell, Matt Zemacke





Welcome/Call to Order                                            Will Hunt – President

Minutes from Previous Meeting                              Brenda Anderson – Secretary

Treasurer’s Report                                                   Christene McDonnell – Treasurer


Tammy Scott presented the secretary minutes from the annual General Membership Meeting  Will moved to approve the minutes from last meeting. Brenda seconded the motion. Motion Passed.


Will presented the Treasurers report in Christene's absence.

CME brought in$20,015.00 in registration with a total revenue of $43, 825.00. $15 and 500.00 in grants, We did pay Hilde Lake for applying for the grants. We recieved $8,000.00 in exhibitor revenue. The cost of the conference was $14,860.00.

Our total assets are $81,658.87,  with $50,272.09 in banking and $31,386.78 in our investment account.


New Item Business

Paul Wheeler is requesting MTAPA give a generous donation to Leroy Eieshuevel,  who died this year. Apparently Leroy was very supportive in Legislative issues for PA's and MTAPA. There is a Leroy Memorial Scholarship Fund for future students to further there education in medicine.


Will moved to reach out to Paul Wheeler to get more information re: the scholarship and then we will make a decision as to weather or not we will contribute to the scholarship. We have a significant interest in giving to this fund , but we would like more information on the account, such as how will it be managed and maintained. We would be willing to give $1000.00 in 2013.  Will is going to contact Paul and Randy. Will will distrubute the information to the BOD and if no strong feelings he will give the donation.  Tammy seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Will moved we gift Ben Hoffman the cost of the CME, $350.00 for all of the work he put into the conference this year. Dewey seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Kally also suggested we offer CME committee members a discount on the CME registration.

Tammy moved for committee members who fulfill there commitment to attend for 1/2 price up to ten members and the committee chair may attend for free. Kally seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Troy Baccus is here from The Montana Life Group to discuss disability insurance.

Main focus is based on income protection. Proposing disability insurance to the members of MTAPA as member benefit.  It would be about a 10-15% discount. It would be branded as a MTAPA benefit. Membership retention benefit, that would increase financial benefit. They will take on a membership recruiting program for this benefit.  Send out a 3 question web based survey. If people are interested then we find what insurance company would be the best suited for MTAPA. Expectations from MTAPA would be to provide a contact information link on our website. Question, non-member recruiting information. We would expect an agreement on how they will protect our members. Financial obligations we expect from Montana Life Group,  would be to sponsor a lunch or a booth at MTAPA annual CME conference. We would send out a mass e-mail blast informing members that MTAPA has initiated a program, click here to get a quote. They will also send a personal email and a phone call. After that they will not contact them again. Usually they like at least 200 people are interested, Troy is aware that we currently have approx 100 members. Discount is permanent whether member is no longer an MTAPA member. Enrollment is simple. and is done every year. They would be willing to be a sponsor every year. Own occupation definition - you can get another job and still collect your disability. No cost to MTAPA as an organization.


Discussion - We will send out a survey to active members  that will include the 3 questions of interest. We will probably invite Troy to our annual CME Conference in June 2014.


In August, MTAPA voted to call all PA's in the state of MT that are not current members to try to recruit more members. Our goal is to do a telephone membership drive to inform non-members of the benefits MTAPA has to offer and find out what else would incentivize them to join MTAPA. Tammy will call Tonya to get the list of PA's from the database for PA's in the state of Montana.  Tammy will get the list from Tonya and divide the list. The goal is to have this done in the next 7-10 days.


Old Business:

Website Update – We voted to stay with YourMembership

            Completed online application for migration

            Scheduled for migration January 2014 (approx 3 month process)

            Updating our current website

·      Forms UTD (up to date)

·      Membership Applications UTD, we need to change the membership cost from $75.00 to $100.00. Kally is going to contact Affiniscape to make this change. Our goal is to make the change ASAP before we start our membership drive.

·      Need to make sure all pages are UTD

·      Will is going to try to update the Web page each month

Review the CME Evaluation Summery – Tonya/Will

  • Most speakers received good remarks, The new NCCPA Guidelines was the only speaker that did not
  • Learning objectives, meeting the learning objectives, and the level of the course received good remarks as well.
  • Most people chose to the have the conference in Missoula or Billings.
  • People liked the taco bar.



Committee Reports:

CME  – Will – 2014 Conference – Great Falls MT,  June 18 – 20

            Hotel Choice(s) – Hilton Garden Inn, Holiday Inn (options are limited in Great Falls)

            Committee – we do not have a committee yet. Tammy has a nurse contact in Missoula that used to work in Great Falls that would be a good resource. Will has a list of approx 20 PA's in the area of Great Falls.  Will also used a list from the MMA to contact PA's in the Great Falls area.  Will moved to approve the quote from the Hilton Garden Inn for 2014 CME Conference. Ben seconded the motion. Motion passed.

            Timeline (Review and provide everybody copies of timeline). We will need to have at least 75% of speaker and topics lined up by the end of December.


Membership – Committee chair Vacant

            Review discussion from last meeting regarding membership drive this Fall

Legislative – No Legislature until 2015

Elections – President-Elect – Positions open next Spring


                        Director at Large (Megan’s position)

                        House of Delegate member – (Dewey’s position)


Other Reports:

Board Of Medical Examiners                       Open, Will has a contact, Laurie Brown,                                                                             who may be interested in taking the                                                                                position

Student                                                          Luke Altenhofen – Student Representative

Class 2015 has 32 students. They have been busy with fund raising projects (50/50 contests during football games), campus education Underage Drinking Prevention Presentation RMC Blood drive on October 17th, and they participated in RMC Career fair. They also participated in a Community Service American Heart Association Heart Walk 2013 - Sept 28th RMC MPAS program raised $2000.00, winning first place among all fundraisers and will be featured in the AAPA October Newsletter.


Scholarship                                                    Tammy Scott – Scholarship Committee

We awarded two scholarships $600. 00 each to Montana PA's Students John Breneman and Kaci Switzer.


House Of Delegates                                       Dewey and Matt – HOD Delegates


Dewey reports Six Key Elements of an Ideal Practice Act.  We have four of the six elements. Adaptable Supervision Requirements, No mile limit, No on-site and No Chart Co-signature. Ben is planning to look into the six key elements and working with Anne Davis to identify what we actually have.


Administration                                              Tonya McCormack – Administration

Not presented


New Business:

Online meeting options – Yourmembership, GoToMeetings, ect – need a volunteer to explore our options. Peter Bulley is going to check with Yourmembership


Establish Next BOD Meeting Time – January Tuesday 7, 2014 at 6:30 PM


Will is going to post on the website approx one month in advance.



BOD Meeting Minutes

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2014 January Minutes DOCX (23.29 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2014 December Minutes PDF (213.07 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 February Minutes PDF (301.16 KB) Administration 4/15/2016
2015 April Minutes PDF (339.48 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 June Minutes PDF (55.9 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 October Minutes PDF (177.2 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2016 January Minutes PDF (17.19 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2016 March Minutes PDF (160.86 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
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