The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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BOD Meeting Minutes - Oct 2014
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MTAPA Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Type: Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Saturday, October 4, 2014

Time: 12:00 Noon

Location: MTAPA Administrative Office, Helena, MT




Welcome/Call to Order                                             Will Hunt - President


Minutes from Previous Meeting                              Brenda Anderson - Secretary

  • There are no minutes to report due to technical difficulties. Will suggested getting a hold of the Systems Department at IT to see if they could be of assistance in retrieving the minutes.
  • Minutes from each board meeting must be sent out to the BOD within two weeks.


Treasurer's Report                                                   Christene McDonnell -Treasurer

  • Accounts up date (9/30/14) total $41,363.13
  • Total assets $82,730.44
  • CME conference: total income $34,395.00, total expenses $11,761.30. For a complete breakdown please refer to MTAPA Profit and Loss Previous Year Comparison January through September 2014.


Old Business:

Website Update

  • Peter Bulley has updated our website since last spring. We currently have two tickets to correct problems within the website. First, there is a problem with membership renewal. Second, the printable application is an old application that has not been updated. Peter will check with Affiniscape to see if they still have a copy of the current application or if we need to create a new one.


CME Evaluation Summary - Will/Kally

  • There were 47 attendees this year.
  • The Hilton Garden Inn was rated a good facility.
  • There were 19 speakers, most of them got really good reviews.
  • Future lecture topics: Kally will forward to Tammy (CME Chair).
  • Most felt the length of the CME was appropriate.
  • Location: the only cities listed on form were Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Bozeman and Kalispell. Nineteen people said they would attend the conference in Great Falls, 17 would attend in Billings and less people said they would attend if the conference was held in Missoula, Kalispell, or Butte.
  • The vast majority preferred the new schedule: Wednesday through Friday.
  • Suggestions for future CME Conference included: Hands on work shops, more cardiology and healthcare reform.
  • The majority of attendees felt CME conference topics and good speakers were most important. Holding the conference at a family friendly hotel with a pool was also important.  
  • Most said the conference topics were excellent or good and applied to their practice.
  • Eight out of fourteen would be willing to help with future CME.
  • Most prefer the General membership meeting to be held during lunch vs. dinner.
  • Most people liked the longer break time.


Committee Reports:

CME - Tammy - Conference - Missoula MT, June 2015

  • Hotel Choices: Holiday Inn Parkside - There are a lot of activities, restaurants and shops in the surrounding area. The dates are tentatively set for June 17,18, and 19; however there is another group who is interested in reserving this hotel at the same time. If they do decide to go with this venue on these dates we will move the dates of our CME Conference to June 24, 25, and 26. Other choices if this venue does not work for MTAPA include the Double Tree and the Hilton Garden Inn. The Hilton Garden is a great facility, but poor location.
  • Committee: Tammy is putting together a committee with two other PA's from Missoula
  • Timeline: Tammy will develop a timeline and distribute it to the BOD.
  • The goal is to get the speakers and topics lined up early. This will be helpful if we decide to use Hilde Lake again this year to submit grants for us. This requires we have a budget and potential number of people attending the conference, as she needs this information 60-90 days in advance. Another thought would be to see if the AAPA had another person who writes grants. We pay her 20% of the grants she brings in.
  • Will also informed us that if want to try and get a speaker from the AAPA they have changed this to a lottery. The application will be available in December. 


Membership - Vacant

  • See administrative report.


Legitalative - Aaron Deery to follow again this year

  • Aaron lives and works as a hospitalist in Missoula. He will work closely with Jean Branscom, who updates the MMA Website.


Elections:        President Elect

  • Past President - Kally Plans to move out in June
  • President - Will (open) Plans to move out in June
  • President - Elect (open) We hope to recruit
  • Treasurer - Christene to continue for another term
  • Secretary - Brenda to continue for another term if someone else can take care of setting the meetings up
  • Director at Large - Megan, Ben, Tammy
  • House of Delegate Member - Dewey, Matt - Matt to continue for another term
  • Student Representative - Kristin - one year term
  • BOME Representative - Ben - this is appointed and he may continue as long as he is interested in this position


Other Reports:


Board of Medical Examiners                                   Ben Lindeman

Report for the Montana Board of Medicine meeting held September 19, 2014

  • There will be a license renewal fee increase starting next year. The proposed rate will be $300.00 per two year cycle. There has not been an increase in license fees for 15 years.
  • The proposal to modify co-signature requirements is in rules committee it is very favorable on the part of that committee to remove any co-signature requirements as directed from the board level. Thus leaving the potential for any such requirement to the supervising physician or facility at the point of care.
  • The proposal to eliminate the board requirement for NCCPA certification on renewal if most likely to be finalized in the November BOM meeting. The requirement or NCCPA certification will stand for initial license applicants. For license by endorsement, if the applicant had NDCPA certification at their initial license in the prior state the requirement for NCCPA certification will be waived. The board feels that the need for NCCPA certification beyond the initial licensing phase is a matter best addressed between physician assistant and their supervising physician and or employer. Overall the BOM is very positive about the PA profession in Montana, they support forward modernization of the practice act.
  • Ben will attend the November 19 2014 BOM meeting.


Student                                                           Kristin Nelson-Student Representative

  • There are thirty-six students this year in the Rocky Mountain College PA Program. Thirteen males and twenty-three females. Thirteen are from Montana, three are from Wyoming, two from each North Dakota and Minnesota. There are also some students from Utah. They are losing Mike Jorgeson, instructor, as he and his family are moving back to Seattle. Heather Heggem is the program director.


Scholarship                                                    Tammy Scott - Scholarship Committee

  • Mattie Murphy and Riley Paris both received their checks, and are attending the PA Program at Rocky Mountain College in Billings. They each received $600.00.
  • There was a proposal to carry over funds if previous year was not completed.


House of Delegates                                        Dewey and Matt - HOD Delegates

  • No changes from last meeting.





Administration                                              Margaret Calwell - Administration

CME Conference/Grant reconcilliation:

  • There were a total of 45 individuals who attended the CME Conerence in June. Of those, one student attended.
  • Final grant reconciliation: we were under budget approximately $5,500.00



We currently have 67 members. Since launching Your Membership we have increased membership by 11. Eight students, two fellows, and one affiliate have joined. Four have not paid dues.

  • Solicitation: Will recommended we send a tri-fold with information about benefits of joining MTAPA with the application included in the tri-fold.  We can also send this out in the mail. Do we send applications to everyone on the list? Would you like me (Margaret) to send out the applications through email in Your Membership? Yes
  • Kally moved to use the documents from Dewey and Ben, and combine them with the tri-fold, and include them in a Newsletter e-mail through our website and hardcopy to every PA we have on our list. Chistine seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Your Membership update:

  • Margaret is working with Your Membership to "clean up" our website regarding member/nonmembers and non-member records. The non-members are grouped within the Member section of the site, and the membership configuration was such that the active date was not updating automatically.


MMA Directory:

  • Would MTAPA like to be listed in the MMA's Directory? Will moved to include MTAPA ad in the directory for a cost of approximetely $1200.00. Tammy moved to second the motion. Motion passed.


New Business:

Leroy Bieshuvel Fund - Donation this year (last year we donated $1,000.00).

  • Tammy requests we get more information regarding the scholarship prior to us donating to this fund again.



Next BOD Meeting - early December (1st week). Brenda to send out a Doodle Poll just after sending minutes to BOD.



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