The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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BOD Meeting Minutes- March 2014
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MTAPA Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Type: Board of Directors Meeting

Date: March 11, 2014

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: on-line


BOD Present - Will Hunt, Tammy Scott,  Brenda Anderson, Dewey H, Matt Zemacke, Christene McDonnell, Ben L, Kally Wilson, Megan Zewacki, Luke Altenhofen, Julie, Becky Zaharko, Tonya




Welcome/Call to Order                                            Will Hunt – President

Minutes from Previous Meeting                              Brenda Anderson – Secretary

Treasurer’s Report                                                   Christene McDonnell – Treasurer


Brenda Anderson presented the secretary minutes from the January 2014 BOD Meeting. Will moved to amend the BOD who were present and BOD not present, as Ben L. was not there. He also moved to strike the last sentence re: the Six elements of a Modern Physician Assistant Act. . We will clarify this and this and get an on-line vote. The motion to approve the minutes was withdrawn by Tammy.


Christene McDonnell - Treasurers report

Our total assets are $76,9149.37,  with $37,245.961 in banking.


Old Business:

Website Update – Migration Team: Will, Tonya/Becky, Peter Bulley, Kally

·      Will reports the migration has been going well so far. Have been watching training video sessions and building early items

·      YM will migrate all of our current content when ready

·      Keep current site up until after conference since we have items in place to accept applications and payment, then possibly launch new site following     conference

·      Kally is working to get the membership data moved to the new website. The files are ready, we are just waiting for a password


Committee Reports:

2014 CME and General Membership Meeting: Great Falls MT, June 18 – 20, 2014 (Committee – Chair: Will Hunt, Tammy Scott, Emily Comstock, Jamie Barnes, Megan Zawacki, Claire Wilson)

·      We are doing well so far. We have 16 out of 21 speakers confirmed. Two more are near commitment they are just waiting on scheduling information.

·      Megan is putting together the biographies, she has 6 completed so far


Membership: Kally Wilson

·      We currently have 30 members

·      With our new website, we could offer a discount if a group of PAs joined at once (corporate membership),  we could also offer a $5.00 discount to members who refer

·      At one time we sent out post cards to remind members it is time to renew. We quit doing that due to lack of funds the past few years. We will consider this in the future. It was also suggested we offer a discount on the CME conference registration to members, and offer an early bird on membership rate

·      Current rates for the CME Conference are $350.00 for members early bird, $400.00 for non members and $450.00 after the early bird deadline. Kally moved to leave the 2014 conference fees the same as last year, but  increase the discount from $50.00 to $60.00 for MTAPA members. Will seconded the motion. Motion passed.

·      Target date for sending out the CME brochure is the first or second week of April.


Elections:  President-Elect – Positions open this spring

                        President-Elect - Open

                        Director at Large _ Open – (Megan would like to keep her seat)

                        Sr. House of Delegate – Open – (Dewey would like to keep his seat)

·      Next step is to send out nominations. Director at Large and Sr. House of Delegate will be open for nomination, despite the interest of current position holders


Other Reports:

Board Of Medical Examiners                       Benny Lindeman

·      Next meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2014


Student                                                          Luke Altenhofen– Student Representative

·      The students are all utilizing models

·      The school is paying for 5 students to attend the National AAPA CME conference. Luke will be participating in the Quiz Bowl at the conference

·      They will be shadowing at Riverstone


Scholarship                                                    Tammy Scott – Scholarship Committee

·      No update

·      Last year we did not send a letter. Tammy contacted several schools via e-mail to the admission's offices and posted all of the information on our website.


House Of Delegates                                       Dewey and Matt

·      Dewey and Matt will be representing MTAPA at the AAPA National CME Conference in Boston this year.



Administration                                              Tonya McCormack /Becky Zaharko

·      Over 400 Save the date postcards were mailed, 54 returned, 38 undeliverable, and 16 had new addresses that were updated in the data base.



Constituent Organization Leadership Workshop – Alexandria, Virginia

·      Will attended the Workshop. He met with staffers. Hospice discussion SGR repeal - PAs are included in it. PA's are reimbursed for MCR. PAs are named in this bill.

·      Will recommended we contact our senators and legislatures re: these bills.

·      AAPA is finally feeling like PAs are being included in these bills and the public is aware of who we are and what we do.

·      They also talked about recruiting members and effective leadership.



STAR:                                                              Tammy

·      Tammy was not able to attend the last meeting. They are being held every other month. She is planning to attend the next meeting at the end of this month. They had discussed the change to ICD-10.


New Business:


Tonya McCormack is leaving MMA (effective 3/14/2014) Becky Zaharko has been assigned to our affairs by Jean Branscom. Becky has been with the MMA for a year and a half. She has worked with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry and she worked closely with the BOME


U.S. Senate “SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider payment Modernization Act of 2014”

            2 Provisions adopted:

                        PA’s are named as eligible providers able to order and provide                                                            hospice care

                        PAs are named as eligible providers to order and monitor Cardiac and                                               Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs in Critical Access                                                  Hospitals (CAH’s)


Montana State Dept. of Justice (DOJ) Resolution allowing PAs to perform and authorize examinations for Law Enforcement applicants – PASSED and ADOPTED


Montana Medical Association (MMA) Directory - updates


New Computer: MTAPA has not purchased a new computer and needs one  Windows based with Microsoft Office installed

Uses: For all documents created over the past years and for PowerPoint presentations at the annual CMEconference

·      Will moved for MTAPA to authorize a computer with the above options included. Tammy seconded the motion. Motion passed


Winter Newsletter:

            LeRoy Biesheuvel Fund – Paul Wheeler

            CORE 2014 - Will

            Student Update - Luke

            Conference Update (Date Change, Location, Planning Update) – Tammy

            Membership - Kally

·      Eventually our website will be able to put together a newsletter for us, but right now we don't have that capability.

·      Megan has volunteered to edit the newsletter and get the information to Greg to publish the Newsletter.


Establish Next BOD Meeting:  tentatively set for Thursday June 19, 2014 11:30-1:30














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