The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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BOD Meeting Minutes - Oct. 2012
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MTAPA Board of Directors Meeting


Meeting Type: Board of Directors Meeting

Date: Saturday, October 3, 2012

Time: 12:00 Noon

Location: MTAPA Administrative Office, Helena, Montana


BOD Present: Will Hunt, Kally Wilson, Brenda Anderson, Matt Zemacke, Dewey Hahlbohm, Megan Zawacki, Dirk Gillette, Tyler Seick, John Breneman


BOD not Present: Don Sullivan


Committee Members Present: Aaron Deery


Committee Members not Present: Tammy Scott


MTAPA Present: Laura Roemmick


Welcome/Call to order

  • MTAPA President Will Hunt called the meeting to order and welcomed  the new board members and volunteers


Secretary's Report - Brenda Anderson

  • Minutes from previous meeting were e-mailed to BOD to review prior to the meeting
  • Will moved to approve the minutes
  • Matt and Dirk Seconded the motion, minutes approved. 
  • Comment/Recommendation- for future minutes to include the balance from the treasurer's  report


Treasurer's Report - Tyler Seick

  • Balance through Sept 30, 2012 is $62, 780. 27
  • Highlight comparison profit and loss from last year. 
  •             CME meeting brought in slightly less than last year- approx $2000.00.
  •             Expenses are down 32% this year compared to last year
  •             Bottom line net income this year ~$6,000.00, last year ~$300.00.


Old Business:

CME Review - Tonya

  • Overall we received good comments.
  • People liked the topics and speakers.
  • This years change in the days of CME -mixed comments a lot of people did like having 3 full days rather than having 2 half days and 2 full days.
  • Approx 70 people attended and we awarded 22 1/2 credits of CME
  • Some people did not like the breakfasts - too many carbohydrates.
  • Complaints that there was not enough traffic to rep booths. There was a  recommendation to give out business cards next year and  get a signature from each booth. At the end of the conference,  hold a drawing and award a prize.
  • Overall the pace was ok. Some of the lectures could have lasted longer and some could have been shortened up. The speakers were provided feedback from their lectures, most thought that was beneficial. Michael Powe spoke about healthcare changes and received a lot of colorful feedback

Student Scholarships

  • Two applicants, Two scholarships awarded
  • Julie Mashek and Tyler Wagstaff



Committe Reports:

CME Conference 2013 - Will Hunt

  • Ben Hoffman visited three places:
  •  1) Big Horn Resort -$300.00/day , $99.00 per night, located on the western end of town, $6-10 for breakfast per person, lunch is $8-12 per person a day, rated  9/10. 
  • 2) Crown Plaza - located downtown, conference rooms $400. a day, rooms $100.00 per night, food $3-4 higher per person than other hotels, rated 7/10
  • Holiday Inn had it there in the past, lowest ranking 5/10
  • Red Lodge (our of cost range)


Dewey suggested we negotiate some of the prices after a decision is made


Results of the BOD vote:

Crown Plaza 1 vote

Bighorn Resort 7 votes

Holiday Inn 0


  • Will moved to have Ben Hoffman chair the CME Committee. Brenda seconded the motion, motion passed . Will will check with Ben to see if he will chair the 2013 CME Committee Chair



  • Brenda moved to appoint Kally Wilson to be our Membership Committee Chair. Matt seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • We have 97 members as of today (October 15, 2012).
  • There are roughly 500 registered PAs in the state of MT.
  • Kally is planning a membership drive in November.




Legislative Affairs

  • Will nominated Aaron Deery to be the chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee. Brenda seconded the motion, motion passed.
  • Aaron  is interested in the legislative issues that impact PAs in the state.
  • He provided a handout with proposed changes at the state and national levels.
  • State Issues include 1) Medical Home Language and 2) Upcoming Bills - Aaron wanted to know how he could become aware of certain issues that may impact us. Jean Branscom is the head of  the MMA and she will be a big asset, and so will Tonya. Will also brought up the issue that PAs should be included in wording on the state level regarding the Health Care Exchanges and the reimbursement aspect/issues associated with reimbursement. Main priority will be state issues.
  • National Issues include 1) Hospice Care, 2) EHR inclusion, 3) Providing Hospice Care, and 4) Federal Worker's Comp - Recommend PAs go to the AAPA website to see what is going on nationally.
  • Dewey also recommended Aaron speak with the HOD representatives to get more information on legislative issues at the national level. Will recommended Dwight Thompson with the BOME for state issues.
  • You may contact Aaron at with questions or concerns re: legislative affairs.



·      We do not have a President Elect right now. Our next election cycle will be in 2013. The following positions will need to be filled: President Elect, House of Delegate Member (HOD), Director at Large (DAL), Secretary, and Treasurer.


Other Reports:

BOME -  Don Sullivan, not present

·      PAs terminating their agreement with their supervising physician, need to be better at letting BOME know these changes.


Student  - Representative John Breneman

·       Class of 2014 is starting their third module.

·      32 students in current class, approx 7 students are from the state of MT.


Scholarship - Tammy Scott, not present

  • Letters to PA Programs in the region usually go out after the new year.


House of Delegates - Dewey and Matt

  • Dewey reiterated Jenn's summary that was included in the General  Membership Meeting in August.
  • Electronic voting - approval to vote electronically if the need arises to act on issues in a short period of time.
  • Specialty certification - concern is that we are generalist and this may impact future jobs, certification/re-certification etc. We do not support this. 
  • Matt was pleased with how unified the HOD was this year.


Administration - Tonya

  • Not a lot of activity since the conference.
  • BOD is updated on the Website.
  •  Workforce data collection as far as tracking. for physician's now, ? if PAs are interested in this as well. This costs $35.00 for the report. We may already have this through the AAPA.
  • Working on formatting Newsletter. Will requested updated information on all of the PA's in the state's information, but we are not sure how we can get this. Tonya will touch base with Jean to see about getting PAs in the MMA Physician directory report



CORE Review

  • Will attended a three day conference to meet with state representatives.
  • Capitol hill day - they discussed three issues and learned how to approach the representatives
  • They set up appointments re: three federal issues allowing 1) Hospice care - allowing PAs to take care of Hospice patient. Overall the candidates support this bill. There is some concern if it will cost more money. 2)  Federal Employees Worker's Compensation Act - PA's can provide care to federal employees, but not if it is a work comp case. This would allow PA's to provide care to pts with Work Comp.  3) EHR inclusion - recommend PAs to be included in EMR incentive payment.
  • Next couple of days included several different breakout sessions.
  • There are six key elements of the state practice act. We have three of the six. There are three states that  have all six. Will actually thinks we have four of the six, and is looking for a PA that was a previously an attorney to look at the practice act more closely.
  • Will is going to e-mail a list of the Bills to BOD.


STAR Representative and Review of Role

  • State Advocates for Reimbursements
  • Tammy Scott has volunteered for this position.
  • She is representing our state, and  has taken part in some phone conferences.
  • Discussion re: how do PAs bill under our own identification number?
  • She was also asked to join the AAPA audit Committee.


Liaison to Rocky Mountain College - Kelly Lalla

  • They recommended that the MTAPA board is more active in recommending preceptors, particularly PA preceptors, and encouraging PAs to become preceptors.  Will suggested putting this in the next newsletter. PAs will need to ask there supervising physicians first.


Carroll College has a pre-PA track,   students coming from the undergraduate track rather than having a background with clinical experience. Dewey stated this is a trend of the future and we should embrace this. Aaron made the comment that each PA school is different in there requirements. Several other comments were made.  We agreed to remain neutral on the position for now.


Discussion: "PA's for tomorrow"  A group of physician assistants that have a strong feeling about the name change to Physician Associate.


Will wished everyone a happy PA week.


Next BOD meeting - Will proposed the next meeting to be held the beginning of December  (3-7). Brenda will send out Doodle Poll.


Meeting Adjourned

BOD Meeting Minutes

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2014 January Minutes DOCX (23.29 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2014 December Minutes PDF (213.07 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 February Minutes PDF (301.16 KB) Administration 4/15/2016
2015 April Minutes PDF (339.48 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 June Minutes PDF (55.9 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2015 October Minutes PDF (177.2 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2016 January Minutes PDF (17.19 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
2016 March Minutes PDF (160.86 KB) Administration 4/12/2016
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