The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants (MTAPA) represents the professional interests of PAs throughout Montana.
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MTAPA Policy and Procedure Manual
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200.00              POLICY MANUAL

200.01              Each Board member and committee chair is to have a copy of the Policy Manual.

200.02              The Policy and Procedure Manual will be reviewed and updated every two years or as needed. (Revised 4/26/02)

200.03              To ensure accurate inclusion of materials in the MTAPA Policy and Procedure Manual, items proposed as policy or procedure must be identified as such at the time of the Board vote by prefacing the motion or action to read “Move to (adopt/amend/rescind) as (policy/procedure)


201.00              BOARD OF DIRECTORS

201.01              The Montana Academy of Physician Assistants, Incorporated (MTAPA) shall be governed by an elected Board of Directors who meet the requirements for office set forth in the bylaws.

201.02              Officers shall include the President, President - Elect, Past-President, Secretary,

                        Treasurer, two Directors-at-large, HOD Delegates and the Student representative. (Revised 8/6/10)

201.03              All MTAPA officers are elected to office for the following terms:

                        President - Elect serves one year then becomes President

                        President serves one year then becomes Past-President

                        Past-President serves one year then leaves the Board of Directors

                        Secretary will serve two year term (Revised 10/28/06) 

                        Treasurer will serve two year term (Revised 10/28/06)

                        Liaison to BOME will serve two year term (Added 10/28/06)

                        Directors-at-large will serve two year term (Revised 8/6/10)

                        HOD Delegates will serve two year term (Revised 8/6/10)

                        Student Representative serves one year term

201.04              Officers take office July 1st and serve for twelve consecutive months ending their tenure June 30th (Revised 6/2012)


201.05              BOD members are required to notify the President prior to the Board meetings if they are not able to attend. The minutes will reflect any violations of the above.

201.06              Disbursement authorization authority is granted to the President, Past-President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. (Revised 4/26/02)


202.00              DUTIES OF OFFICERS

202.01              President

202.01.01          The President shall preside at all business meetings of the Academy.

202.01.02          The President shall appoint ad hoc committees of the BOD and shall designate a chair thereof, subject to approval of the BOD.

202.01.03          The President shall verify a second authorizing authority for disbursement of funds in excess of $1500.00 has been obtained by the Treasurer. (Revised 4/26/02)(Revised 4/23/04) (Revised 10/28/06)

202.01.04          The President shall report to the Membership at the annual meeting of the Academy with an account of the activities of the BOD for the past year.


202.02              President – Elect

202.02.01          The President – Elect shall preside at meetings of the Academy in the absence of the President.

202.02.02          The President – Elect shall succeed to the office of the President at the expiration of the President’s term, or earlier should that office become vacant for any reason.

202.02.03          The President – Elect shall call for nominations for the general election, and shall conduct the annual general election in accordance with the by – laws and MTAPA policy.

202.02.04          The President – Elect may have additional duties assigned by the President.


202.03              Past – President

202.03.01          The Past – President shall preside over all business meetings in the absence of the President and President – Elect or at the request of the President.

202.03.02          The Past – President may have duties delegated by the President.


202.04              Secretary

202.04.01          The primary responsibility of the Secretary is to completely and accurately record the proceedings of every Board of Directors meeting and the Annual Membership meeting.

202.04.02          The minutes are to be transcribed from the Secretary’s notes/tapes into typed standard meeting format. All copies of notes and tapes of the proceedings shall be maintained intact until final approval by the Board.

202.04.03          The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining copies of all minutes in the permanent files.

202.04.04          The Secretary shall see that all Board members, committee chairpersons and regional representatives have a current address/phone listing of the officers, and that such a list is published in the newsletter.

202.04.05          The Secretary shall complete any correspondence requested by the President.

202.04.06          The Secretary shall respond to general correspondence or forward correspondence to the appropriate committee chairperson.

202.04.07          The Secretary shall ensure placement in the permanent files of the Academy files of the Academy copies of all important documents, including (but not limited to) all newsletters, Presidential letters, and items of importance in the history of MTAPA.


202.05              Treasurer

202.05.01          The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring and authorizing the disbursement of all funds. For disbursement of funds in amounts greater than $1500.00 concurrence of one other authorized officer should be obtained. (Revised 4/23/04) (Revised 10/28/06)

202.05.02          The Treasurer will monitor the receipt of all funds derived from dues and other sources of income. (Revised 4/23/04)

202.05.03          The Treasurer will obtain concise records of the source and amount of funds received and reports all earnings and expenditures to the Board of Directors at the business meetings. (Revised 4/23/04)

202.05.04          The MTAPA administrative office may disperse funds for payment of vendors hired by members of the corporation only upon receipt of an official voucher or bill from the vendor, and the authorization of the Treasurer or President. (Revised 4/23/04, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

202.05.05          The MTAPA administrative office may disperse funds to BOD members or individual members only upon receipt of a completed MTAPA Reimbursement voucher with receipt/s attached, and authorization of the Treasurer or President. Officers, committee chairs and members must submit vouchers within 90 days to facilitate proper handling of fund disbursement. (Revised 4/23/04, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

202.05.06          The MTAPA administrative office is authorized to disperse a check for no more than $3000 to each representative to the House of Delegates with receipts for their expenses. (Added 4/26/02) (Revised 4/23/04) (Revised 10/28/06, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

202.05.07          The MTAPA administrative office is authorized to disperse a check to representatives attending Western Regional Meetings and/or CCOW after authorization of the Treasurer or President. (Added 4/26/02) (Revised 4/23/04, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

202.05.08          The MTAPA administrative office is authorized to disperse funds of $600.00 each to the annual MTAPA scholarship recipients. (Added 4/23/04, 6/2012)

202.05.09          If incapacitated or otherwise unavailable, one of the authorized officers of the corporation may act in lieu of the Treasurer with the same privileges and restrictions.


202.06              DIRECTOR – AT – LARGE

202.06.01          The Director – at – Large shall perform duties as assigned by the President.


202.07              STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE

202.07.01          The student representative shall perform duties as assigned by the President. (Added 4/26/02)


203.00              ELECTION OF OFFICERS

203.01              Nominations for election of officers is conducted by written, electronic mail ballot or other written correspondence no later than May 1st. (Revised 4/26/02, 10/28/06, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

                        The ballots are distributed to voting members in accordance with the bylaws.

203.02              Nominations will be received by the President – Elect no later than May 15th. (Revised 4/26/02, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

                        Nominees will be asked to write a brief biography and statement listing their credentials and their reason for running for office. This data will be distributed by written, electronic mail or other means of written correspondence ballot. (Revised 8/6/10)

203.03              A member may cast a write – in vote only if the person so named has agreed to run for office.

203.04              New officer election results will be reported to the Board no later than June 1st. (Revised 8/6/10, 6/2012)


204.00              VACANCIES IN OFFICE

204.01              In the event an elected officer cannot assume office as planned, the Board of Directors will fill the vacancy in accordance with the bylaws.

204.02              Any office (excluding the office of President) left open because an officer leaves prior to the end of his/her term may be filled with a volunteer MTAPA fellow who receives a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.

204.03              In the event that the President does not complete his/her term in office, the President – Elect will complete the term and serve his/her own term as President.


205.00              BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETINGS

205.01              The MTAPA Board of Directors shall meet at least four times a year to conduct Academy business.

205.02              Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure will be in effect for all MTAPA meetings.

205.03              Affirmative action the BOD is by simple majority vote by a quorum (2/3=5 quorum; majority = at least three of a quorum – simple majority of the total Board =4)

205.04              Board of Directors meetings shall be open to the membership of the Academy. Members have observer status, and must comply with Sturgis Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, and privileges as outlined in the bylaws.



206. 01             An annual membership meeting of the MTAPA membership will be conducted by the President.

206.02              Members will be notified in writing or by electronic mail 30 days prior to the annual meeting.  A meeting agenda will be provided with the notification.  Members wishing to add items to the agenda may do so by contacting the President at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. (Revised 10/28/06)

206.03              Items for discussion may be presented from the floor during the meeting but will be limited to 10 minutes for discussion. (Revised 4/26/02)



207.00              MEMBERSHIP

207.01              Membership in MTAPA is open to anyone regardless of race, creed or religious preference.

207.02              All applications for membership will be forwarded to the MTAPA administrative office. (Revised 10/28/06, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

207.03              All requests for membership information will be forwarded to the MTAPA administrative office. (Revised 10/28/06, 8/6/10, 6/2012)

207.04              (Revised 4/26/02) (Deleted 10/28/06)

207.05              All new members will be acknowledged by mail and will receive a membership packet within 30 days of completed membership application and membership dues. (Revised 4/26/02) (Revised 10/28/06)

207.06              A general information packet will be mailed, emailed or other written correspondence to all potential MTAPA members and all inquiring about MTAPA membership. (Revised 4/26/02) (Revised 8/6/10)


207.08              Membership Renewal

207.08.01          Membership renewal shall be on an annual basis with the amount for dues determined by the Board of Directors.

207.08.02          Membership year is January 1st through December 31st.

207.08.03          Membership dues will be considered delinquent after February 15th and the individual’s name will be dropped from the membership rolls. (Revised 8/6/10)


207.08.04          Student membership will be a one time fee for 2 years which will expire one month after graduation from PA Program. (Added 10/28/06)


207.09              Voluntary termination of membership does not entitle an individual to any rebate of membership dues. Should a member be terminated from MTAPA for any other reasons he/she may request a rebate of dues. Dues will be rebated as follows: (Revised 10/28/06)


                        Months Remaining                                                         Rebate

                        10 - 12                                                                            100%

                         8 - 10                                                                              75%

                         6 - 8                                                                                50%

                         4 - 6                                                                                25%

                         0 - 4                                                                                  0%


207.10              Termination of membership may result if members are found in violation of the AAPA Code of Ethics, Montana law governing PA practice or engaging in unprofessional conduct as described in the Montana rules for PA practice.


207.11              Membership List

207.11.01          The Chairperson of the Membership Committee will maintain an accurate membership list, which will be distributed to BOD members yearly or otherwise requested by the Board. (Revised 8/6/10)

 207.11.02         The membership list will be published annually and distributed to the general membership for informational purposes only.

207.11.03          Rental or sale of the membership list is permissible provided the members have not indicated a ‘no rent’ option.

207.11.04          The membership list can be sold for the purpose of one specific mailing, contact or campaign only. Only mailing labels will be provided.

207.11.05          The mailing list shall not be rented for the purpose of promoting the sale or use of liquor, tobacco, pornography, or quackery arts or telephone solicitation.





208.00              COMMUNICATIONS

208.01              No officers, chairpersons, committee members or general members of MTAPA may communicate with an organization or individual as official representatives of MTAPA for the purpose of formulating contacts, subcontracts, or any other legally binding agreement(s) unless approved by the BOD.

208.02              The MTAPA logo may not be used for purposes other than those permitted by affirmative action of the BOD.

208.03              The MTAPA newsletter is the “Official Publication” of the Montana Academy of Physician Assistants. No other publications are sanctioned by MTAPA.

208.04              MTAPA stationery letterhead is to be used for correspondence that reflects the “official” position of the MTAPA and may be used by members of the BOD and membership chairperson in accordance with MTAPA policy.

208.05              All MTAPA mail will be handled through the central MTAPA office and distributed to the appropriate individuals. (Revised 4/26/02)



209.01              Travel to BOD meetings, regional meetings, CCOW, and AAPA HOD meetings may be reimbursed.

209.02              BOD officers may be reimbursed to attend BOD meetings and to represent MTAPA. Committee Chairpersons may be reimbursed for mileage to attend BOD meetings (2/25/95) (Revised 8/6/10).  MTAPA will reimburse the MTAPA Committee Chairperson for the cost of travel at the Federal Mileage Reimbursement Rate. (Revised 2/25/95, 8/6/10, 4/9/2013)

209.03              The Treasurer may reduce requests for mileage if deemed excessive. If the amount is reduced, the Treasurer will provide the member with the mileage basis used.

209.04              Representatives to the AAPA House of Delegates may be funded up to $3000 with receipts. (Revised 10/28/06)

209.05              MTAPA will endeavor to send two representatives to CCOW and the Western Regional meetings.

209.06              All requests for reimbursement will be submitted to the MTAPA administrative office on the MTAPA Reimbursement Form with attached receipts. (Revised 4/23/04, 8/6/10, 6/2012, 4/9/2013)

209.07              Funds are available to support MTAPA officers and Committee Chairpersons in the performance of their assignments and duties. Funds absolutely cannot be redirected to other members or individuals without express approval of the President.


210.00              NEWSLETTER

210.01              MTAPA newsletter/news flash shall be published 3-4 times a year or as deemed appropriate by the BOD. (Revised 10/28/06, 8/6/10)

210.02              The editorial staff will consist of an editor, approved by the BOD, and any other person(s), which the editor may appoint. The editor may consider all members of the BOD, and committee chairpersons as part of the reporting staff of the newsletter.

210.03              The editor shall have final approval over the content of the newsletter.

210.04              The newsletter may include editorial comments and letters to the editor. Only signed letters to the editor will be accepted and subject to editing. The following statement may be included in each newsletter:

                        “Letters to the Editor and contributed articles are not necessarily the opinion of the MTAPA Newsletter or the MTAPA BOD.”

210.05              The newsletter will include current information on PA related legislation, regulations and government agency activities; PA-related issues; committee and Board of Directors activities; employment and CME opportunities; PA program news.

210.06              Classified advertising is available at a rate of $50.00 for ten lines.


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